XFS for large filesystems

XFS is good for large (2 TB+) filesystems, or filesystems that require a large number of inodes (> 2 million).  Unlike ext2, ext3, and ext4, XFS does not have a hard limit set for inodes.  Rather, it uses a percentage of the filesystem.  Also unlike the ext-family of filesystems, this percentage is dynamically adjustable after the filesystem creation; even while the filesystem is online and in use.

Check for imaxpct parameter.  This is the percentage of the filesystem reserved for inodes.

$ xfs_info /my_filesystem

Create a filesystem with 2% used for inodes.

$ mkfs.xfs -i maxpct=2 /dev/mapper/my_filesystem

Dynamically adjust to 10% with the filesystem online:

$ xfs_growfs -m 10 /dev/mapper/my_filesystem


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