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XFS for large filesystems

XFS is good for large (2 TB+) filesystems, or filesystems that require a large number of inodes (> 2 million). Continue reading

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Unmounting busy or hung filesystems

Occasionally, we’ll see filesystems, such as NFS, that are busy or hung cannot be unmounted. Here are some things to try. Continue reading

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Getting Device Driver Information

How to get device driver information. What driver goes with what device, what device uses what driver. Continue reading

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How to use RPM

Various ways to use the RPM command. Continue reading

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Using the date command

Documenting different ways to use the Linux “date” command. Continue reading

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Querying an LDAP server from the command line with ldap-utils: ldapsearch, ldapadd, ldapmodify

The ldapsearch, ldapadd, ldapmodify, and ldapdelete commands are used to managing your directory server, be it 389 Directory / Red Hat Directory Server, OpenLDAP, iPlanet, or even Active Directory.  Here are examples of some commands I’ve found useful, with explanations, and search options. Commonly Used ldapsearch Options -x use simple … Continue reading

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